Command Athletics

Command Athletics is a specialized program at Command Education, designed by former student-athletes at top universities, to offer individualized assistance to high school student-athletes as they navigate the complex, and often stressful, college recruitment process.

国彩凤凰appWe offer personalized guidance and strategic counseling that is tailored to each athlete’s needs during the recruitment process in his or her respective sport. The outcome of our services is a confident, well-rounded student-athlete who is set up for success, not only getting recruited to play at one of their top colleges but continuing to thrive in their sport and in the classroom in college.

Program Components:

College list

  • It can be difficult to find schools that fit a student’s academic and athletic goals. Our team of former student-athletes is well-equipped to guide students through finding a list of schools that are right for them.

Twelve-month roadmap

  • Because we know firsthand the college recruitment process can be overwhelming, we provide student-athletes with a comprehensive roadmap specialized to them, their sport and recruiting timeline, and their college goals and aspirations.

Coach-specific communication skills

  • Proactive communication with coaches is a major component of the college recruitment process. We provide student-athletes the skills to effectively write and respond to emails, update coaches, set up phone calls, send highlight videos, create athlete profiles, and differentiate themselves from the thousands of other athletes looking to get recruited.

Preparation & Guidance

  • We understand how stressful future tournaments, games, upcoming phone calls unofficial visits, etc. can get- so we help student-athletes prepare for and succeed in these pivotal events in their recruitment process.
  • We remember how busy life gets during high school so we help student-athletes prioritize their time by recommending relevant tournaments, showcases, camps, clinics, campus visits/unofficial visits, etc.

Get Started

国彩凤凰appFill out the form below and we will call you back to schedule an appointment for a consultation.

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